The Best New School Rappers

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Only individual hip hop artists (no groups) who first became popular after the year 2000.
Recently, Logic fell out of the top 25, replaced by Vince Staples
Most divisive: Chance The Rapper

Hip hop heads, who are the best new school rappers? Making the best and newest rap songs of 2018, these rising hiphop kings are all watching the throne. Mainstream rap keeps changing over the years with gangsta rap becoming more underground, while trap music quickly rose in popularity. Regardless of rap's evolution, the best current rappers still have powerful lyrics, catchy hooks, and good beats. Which modern rapper is currently at the top of the hip hop game?

When it comes to radio hits, Drake is the man. With so many memorable features and popular songs, the Canadian rapper is arguably one of the best rap artists today. Compton's finest Kendrick Lamar has constantly been regarded as the hottest MC today. Lyrically talented mixed with elements of soul and spoken word poetry, K-Dot is definitely one of the best rappers of all time. Other notable rising hip hop artists include Logic, Chance the Rapper, A$AP Rocky, and J. Cole (double platinum with no features). 

Vote for who you think are the freshest new age rappers currently in the hip hop game. Feel free to add any missing rap artists who deserve more recognition. 

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  • Kendrick Lamar
    24,316 votes

    A prolific wordsmith, this Compton native's deep storytelling and literary prowess demonstrate his distinctive ability to weave intricate narratives with complex themes, pushing the boundaries of hip-hop as a genre. With multiple Grammy Awards and critical acclaim, he's cemented his place in the rap game while staying true to his roots and addressing social issues. Boasting massive commercial success as well, his influence has indisputably reached new heights in modern music.

  • J. Cole
    21,459 votes

    With a soulful mix of introspective lyrics and smooth beats, this North Carolina rapper has consistently delivered thought-provoking messages that draw in listeners and keep them coming back for more. His technical skills are evident in each project, switching between hard-hitting verses and melodic hooks with ease, earning him multiple platinum certifications and a devoted fan base. A socially conscious lyricist, he uses his voice to shine a light on issues affecting society while remaining refreshingly humble.

  • J.I.D


    5,567 votes

    Hailing from Atlanta, this talented spitter breathes new life into the Southern hip-hop scene with mind-boggling wordplay and an undeniable ear for catchy instrumentals. As a member of J. Cole's Dreamville Records, he's proven to be an unrelenting force, boasting a raw energy and flow that can easily transition between reflective storytelling and tongue-twisting rhymes. This emcee represents a vital part of the future of rap, showcasing unparalleled dedication and promise in the game.

  • Tyler, the Creator
    14,525 votes

    This innovative artist is a true triple threat – rapper, producer, and visionary – who continuously defies genre norms and societal expectations. With a penchant for fusing disparate musical styles and a sharp wit, he's created a unique sound that has garnered worldwide admiration. From founding the influential collective Odd Future to winning a Grammy for Best Rap Album, his distinct blend of creativity and fearlessness has left a lasting impact on the music landscape.

  • Denzel Curry

    Denzel Curry

    10,798 votes

    Representing the vibrant South Florida scene, this electrifying rapper consistently pushes his boundaries with each release, fusing elements of punk, metal, and traditional hip-hop. His rapid-fire flow and introspective lyrics tackle topics ranging from mental health to cultural identity, earning him critical praise and a fiercely loyal fanbase. With a diverse discography and a penchant for breaking boundaries, he's poised to make a profound impact on rap music for years to come.

  • Lil Wayne
    7,837 votes

    As a trailblazer in the rap game for over two decades, this New Orleans native has continually evolved while maintaining his legendary status. With unparalleled technical prowess and a knack for crafting memorable hooks, he's successfully navigated multiple eras of hip-hop, boasting an extensive discography that includes critically acclaimed albums and countless chart-topping hits. With a tireless work ethic and unwavering dedication to his craft, he's undeniably shaped the landscape of modern rap music.