The Best New School Rappers

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Only individual hip hop artists (no groups) who first became popular after the year 2000.

Hip hop heads, who are the best new school rappers? Making the best and newest rap songs of 2018, these rising hiphop kings are all watching the throne. Mainstream rap keeps changing over the years with gangsta rap becoming more underground, while trap music quickly rose in popularity. Regardless of rap's evolution, the best current rappers still have powerful lyrics, catchy hooks, and good beats. Which modern rapper is currently at the top of the hip hop game?

When it comes to radio hits, Drake is the man. With so many memorable features and popular songs, the Canadian rapper is arguably one of the best rap artists today. Compton's finest Kendrick Lamar has constantly been regarded as the hottest MC today. Lyrically talented mixed with elements of soul and spoken word poetry, K-Dot is definitely one of the best rappers of all time. Other notable rising hip hop artists include Logic, Chance the Rapper, A$AP Rocky, and J. Cole (double platinum with no features). 

Vote for who you think are the freshest new age rappers currently in the hip hop game. Feel free to add any missing rap artists who deserve more recognition. 

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