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Toast The New Year With The Top New Year's Eve Movie Scenes

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The top New Year's Eve movie scenes include moments from some of the top films of all time and is a fun cinematic look at the way people celebrate New Years Eve (in the movies). Fun things to do on New Year's Eve, according to these films with New Year's Eve scenes at least, include professing your love to a long time friend, hooking up with people you shouldn't, and grand larceny (one of these things is not like the other one...). 

From the dramatic series of events that usher in the 1980s in Boogie Nights to the romantic confession made from Harry to Sally, the greatest New Years Eve scenes in film are filled with that extra little bit of magic that comes from the changing of the years. You'll also see a little bit of caper action on NYE as well as some New Years parties you wish you could be at in real life on this films with New Year's Eve scenes list.

What movies have New Year's Eve scenes? What films take place on New Years Eve? Whether you're looking for a movie that recreates the action and the excitement of one of the most memorable party days of the year or just want to see some folks belting out "Auld Lang Syne", there are plenty of options for movies with NYE scenes on this list of movies that take place on New Year's Eve.

  • The Godfather Part II
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