The Top Party Cities of the World

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Cities in which bars and restaurants stay open late and attract visitors looking to party

Beating out all the rest of the cities on the planet, these top party cities of the world feature tons to do and anyone who stops by is going to have a good time. Forget the top party schools, these cities don't limit their fun times to students as anyone is welcome to partake in the party. Loved by both those who live in these fine cities and those who pay their hard-earned money to vacation there, these party cities are spread across the world.

Among the top party towns and biggest party cities is Ibiza Town in the Balearic Islands in Spain. The city is known for its nightlife and is home to two of the most luxurious nightclubs in the world, Pacha and El Divino. Other top party cities are close by in Europe, such as Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, Manchester, in England, and Berlin, in Germany. Destinations in the United States are there too, with New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada, making the list for their lively nightlife. South America and Asia are also represented with the likes of Goa, in India, and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, sitting high on this list (deservedly).

Regardless of the continent or country housing these most exciting cities in the world, one thing is clear: These cities know how to have a good time. Thankfully, for anyone interested in visiting these hot spots, we also have your cure for a hangover, in list form as well.
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