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Many cultures such as Hawaiians, Australians, New Zealanders, & South Africans, are used to having people walk the town and run errands barefoot on a regular basis.

Americans love to say they HATE wearing shoes. However, there has been conditioning to stop the public from doing so. Parents, teachers, and others have instilled shoes to be a very important thing to wear at all times. Even at call center and office jobs, employers treat shoes as the most important rule in the building - and inspect often to make sure you are wearing what they deem appropriate.

Going barefoot is becoming acceptable again, thanks to groups such as Barefoot Is Legal ( )

Here are the 10 biggest reasons why people do not want to go barefoot (but wish they could!)


People Are Afraid of Being Dirty

People think that if they get out of their car, run into their bank to use the ATM, they will be infested with mounds and mounds of dirt. However, taking 8 steps into a building, walking on 20 steps of tile floor, and running back out to your car, there is simply not enough dirt to argue about.

If there is a store run that ends up being dirtier than you like, keep a spray bottle of vinegar & water in your car to clean yourself off. Or keep a package of baby wipes on the side door of your car.

In the event of a restaurant having dirty sticky floors, would you REALLY want to eat there anyway? If a place has disgusting floors - just imagine what the kitchen would look like! We recommend going elsewhere for business if the place is not clean enough to eat in.


The Masses Were Taught Barefoot People Are Dirty Sleazeballs

Some people mock others for not wearing shoes. Not sure how wearing socks and sandals became such a fashion statement - that they feel empowered to mock those who simply do not want fabric on their feet. 

This has been an issue since the 1960s, when store owners were offended of hippies. Not because of bare feet - but because they were "Anti-American" for being against the Vietnam War. Store owners found something in common to eradicate teens (most liked to go barefoot) and used excuses to not serve them. Thanks to not having internet, people believed it!



People are afraid of germs, right? But the average American will open a door, order fast food, pay with cash, touch their food, put in their mouth, and walk out - all without washing their hands. Once again, many places we are in and out within 100 total steps. Barely there sandals are not as protective as people thought


Think They Will Get Hurt Somehow

People are brainwashed to believe wearing platform heels, flip flops, or wedges will protect from getting hurt. We have scores of other body parts.