The Top Stadiums in Canada

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Any outdoor sports venue located in Canada
List of the top stadiums in Canada, with photos! This list includes all types of stadiums for many different venues. Stadiums are primarily used for outdoor sports, and sometimes concerts. The oldest stadiums we know of were built in Greece. While the original Olympics involved only a foot race, today, a stadium must often host multiple types of sports including football/soccer, baseball, and even motocross. This, of course, can complicate a stadium's design and construction. Possibly the most popular modern addition to stadiums is the "dome", a retractable roof/ceiling capable of protecting the interior of the stadium from the elements. Stadiums have been with us since the dawn of cities, and it'll be interesting to see how they continue to improve.
Most divisive: Telus Field
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    BC Place Stadium

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    Commonwealth Stadium

    Canada , 107 Avenue, Edmonton
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    Canada , Toronto, Ontario
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    Canada , Toronto, Ontario
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    Olympic Stadium Montreal

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    Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field

    Regina , Saskatchewan