The Top Ten 2009 Inventions

2009 was all about extremes. Extreme Makeover, Extreme Plastic Surgery and some pretty extreme inventions. This year I believe that we took some giant leaps to the future. We are not as far away from flying cars and floating buildings as we thought we were.

  • The Smart Thermostat
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    The Smart Thermostat

    Seth Frader-Thompson took the concept of the hybrid car showing you exactly how many miles a gallon you were getting as you were driving and applied to our everyday household products. This device will tell you exactly how much power each device is using and how much it is costing you. It can even turn on or off appliances and turn the heat up or down as you please. Not yet out on the market, but it will be available in 2010. This should be interesting.
  • The Smart Bullet
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    The Smart Bullet

    To keep it simple, you shoot the bullet out and you make it explode where you tell it to explode. In a country where you can pretty much have everything your way, now you can have your explosions exactly where you want them. The main purpose for these smart bullets are for soldiers to shoot at their enemies walls and have it explode on the other side of the wall from a safe distance. Pretty cool, huh?
  • The Foldable Speaker
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    The Foldable Speaker

    For all you on the road type of people. This is a fun little invention that allows you to fold and unfold your speakers to save up space or even slide it into your purse or laptop sleeve. It is made of heavy duty recycled paper that you can hook up to any audio device with a headphone jack. You can buy a pair of these for $16 bucks at
  • The Bladeless Fans
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    The Bladeless Fans

    No one said that the fan needed blades to be a fan. This fan looks a lot cooler and blows out air like the regular bladed fans by sucking in air and blowing it out through hidden impellers located around the ring of the fan. Don't throw away your s**tty fans just yet people, its not yet out to market.
  • The AIDS Vaccine
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    The AIDS Vaccine

    20 years after the AIDS virus was identified, researchers have devised the first immunization to protect people against HIV infection. The small effect is only 31% and is not yet approved for public use just yet. The fact of the matter is that we are making progress against this disease.
  • Tweeting by Thinking
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    Tweeting by Thinking

    Don't get too excited. This invention still needs a little touching up. The way this thing works is you concentrate on the character and the character comes up on the screen. Justin Williams was able to tweet 23 charcters just by thinking them. His efforts spelled out "USING EEG TO SEND TWEET" took him 8 characters a minute. This idea was invented for people with "locked in" syndrome, people who's bodies are paralyzed, except for their eyes, but have an alert mind.