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10 Strangest Charles Manson Quotes

This list of Charles Manson quotes includes some of the strangest Manson quotes ever to be uttered by the notorious cult leader. From filthy to flabbergasting, Charles Manson's best quotes (if you want to label the stuff Charles Manson says as "best") are, if nothing else, memorable. Manson has been called many things: a cult leader, a serial killer, a sociopath, a psychopath, but he's rarely called "quotable." In many interviews, Manson speaks gibberish and tries to appear crazy, and he usually succeeds. Whether he is spouting off about love, Jesus, Christian beliefs, or the weather — it's hard to interpret his speech as anything but wild when you consider what he has done in his past. 

Charles Manson runs interviews like a circus with himself as the star attraction (this is well documented on his Wikipedia page). This is a small sample of some of his wildest quotes during his jail house interviews. Many psychologists believe that Manson is a man who has lost touch with reality. But in a 1980 interview with Tom Snyder, this was proven to be somewhat inaccurate, honorable mention goes to the Synder interview for the simple fact that Synder was able to control Manson by telling him to "come down off the spaceship." Luckily for us, not many reporters are as poised as Tom Synder, so here are some of the strangest and most famous things that Manson has ever uttered on camera.

What is the top Charles Manson quote? These are 10 of the most memorable Manson quotes, so you can decide for yourself.

  • Charles Manson Claims He Invented God

    Video: YouTube

    Charles Manson: Well, God, I guess you're my best friend, being I invented ya.

    Reporter: Do you believe in God?

    Charles Manson: Sure, I believe in myself why wouldn't I? (makes faces) Which one?

    Reporter: Are you Jesus Christ?

    Charles Manson: Which Jesus? There's all kinds of Jesus. There's a Black Jesus down in Florida, he's having a good time, there's a Mexican Jesus down in Mexico, I mean there's all kinds of Jesus there's a Jewish Jesus. I mean Jesus, you know all kinds of Jesus coming back everywhere! And nothing can stop it! It's a consciousness that lives in your mind!

  • Charles Manson Explains Helter Skleter

    Video: YouTube

    (Gibberish) Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Man, you're mind is going a billion miles an hour man woooo. You know that's what I call confusion. That's helter skelter, you know.

  • Charles Manson Calls Ted Bundy 'A Poop Butt'

    Video: YouTube

    Reporter: What does one infamous convicted [slayer] think of another? That's what we wondered, and that's why when I interviewed Charles Manson last week, I asked him what he thinks about Ted Bundy, the [slayer] who recently [perished] in Florida's electric chair. Here's that and a couple of other final words from Charles Manson.

    Charles Manson: Bundy's a rumpkin, Bundy's a poop butt. Bundy's his mama's boy, Bundy's out there trying to prove something to his own manhood. That's got nothing to do with me. I don't roll around with poop people like that. I stand with people that can stand with themselves.

    Reporter: What do you think about what he said about [adult videos]?

    Charles Manson: [Adult videos]? I've been looking at it all my life, and it hasn't affected me anything. Who do you think I am, girl? If you could pick all words of the vocabulary that your mother told you ... who do you think I am? This is only a couple of hours, could you imagine what it would be like, a couple of days with me? I did a hundred years a day.

  • Charles Manson Speaks With Charlie Rose

    Video: YouTube

    Charles Manson: So Rose, how are you? (shakes his hand) I've been watching you, watching you on the tube.

    Charlie Rose: What do you think?

    Charles Manson: Everything, nothing.

    Minute Mark 1:58

    Charlie Rose: Do you have any friends you could talk to?

    Charles Manson: I am friend to everything I see, everything I know, everything I feel.

    Charlie Rose: What about other inmates?

    Charles Manson: I'm brother in these hallways for 40 years. With no snitching on my jacket, with no asking for nobody to protect me, and walking on my own two feet.

    Charlie Rose: You get a lot of mail?

    Charles Manson: Yeah.

    Charlie Rose: What do they say, these letters?

    Charles Manson: Everybody's playing a different game with a thought. They're playing boats, and planes, and trains, and rabbits, and ducks, and um... swings, and hearts, and little girls, and everything you can think of. When we started the rainbow uh...uh the rainbow, all the thoughts that go with that. The seed grows up from the ground, everything that starts to grow, grows up. You go down into the earth to plant something, and you plant these seeds and this garden grows. It's the same thing with the garden in the mind.

    Charlie Rose: I want to talk about that, but let's stay on your routine the facts of your life for a while. What about the scorpions, do you make scorpions?

    Charles Manson: Yeah, I make little things out of string.

    Charlie Rose: Where do you send them?

    Charles Manson: Everywhere. Wherever they fit.

    Charlie Rose: Does somebody pay you for them?

    Charles Manson: No.

    Charlie Rose: Why scorpions?

    Charles Manson: Well, it's not only scorpions I make all kinds of things. Scorpions are just one of the things I happen to make. I'm spiritually allied with the scorpion and the wolf. See spiritualism scares you people, because you've got this little stereotype church that you're buying and selling, and you're trying to put God in a building. But God is much bigger than that little church and spiritualism is a lot more than they put into libraries and books.

    Charlie Rose: Most religious people know that.

    Charles Manson: Yeah, well I am allied with certain awareness of the desert.

    Five-Minute Mark

    Charlie Rose: When we sit here and talk to you, people wonder ... where did Charlie Manson come from? What are your earliest memories?

    Charles Manson: I come from the heart of Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Tom Nicks.

    Charlie Rose: What does that mean? Those were the people you listened to as a child?

    Charles Manson: Yeah, Roosevelt. I come from the hills of Kentucky. I come from hard times, baloney for Sunday dinner, I come from The Depression.

    Charlie Rose: You come from not knowing your father.

    Charles Manson: Not knowing ... I know my father. My father is all men.

    Charlie Rose: But your biological father, you don't know.

    Charles Manson: Section 8, all the discharged men of the second World War raised me. Ferguson was an ensign in the Navy, he raised me. All the guys that came back from war raises all the kids that are locked up in prisons.