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The Top The Weather Channel Employees

Updated 13 Sep 2018 287.1k views33 items

The Weather Channel is not only entertaining, it provides an important service. But it wouldn't be anything without its on-camera talent. That being said, here is a list of notable or famous Weather Channel employees and staff. Here are also the best Weather Channel TV shows and a list of famous meteorologists. This list is a virtual Weather Channel employee directory, including photos and bios when available. This list features past and present top Weather Channel managers, including both current and retired Weather Channel anchors, executives, and alumni. Well-known Weather Channel management along with current and former Weather Channel employees are arranged in alphabetical order, and the names of many of the top people who work at The Weather Channel link to more information. Looking for the Weather Channel personalities? Or maybe you are searching for your favorite Weather Channel women? Either way, this list is a great place to start.

List features the cast of Weather Channel meteorologists and anchors like Cindy Preszler, Jim Cantore, and more!

This Weather Channel employees list answers the questions, "Who are some famous people who have worked at Weather Channel?" and "What are ex-Weather Channel employees doing now?"

You can sort this Weather Channel staff directory for various bits of information, like what year and where the person was born. Some of these Weather Channel personal may be deceased while others are currently living, but what everyone on this list has in common is that they've all worked at The Weather Channel at some point in their lives.

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