The Top Travel Destinations in the World

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Cities, beaches and major attractions all count. Anything that you would board a plane just to go see.

List of the top travel destinations in the world, including the best beaches, cities, forests, islands and small towns around the world. This voteable list represents some of the most popular travel destinations in the United States and around the world. While popular opinion will differ on what the best places to visit are, thousands of people agree that the locales on these list are interesting places to visit and are worth some consideration. 

Some of the items on this list are America's coolest cities, others are some of the best honeymoon destinations or the best family getaways. While the items on this list are diverse they each offer unique and desirable features for travelers. The list is long, so grab your travel buddy and get at it. These are the best travel spots in the world that you just can't miss.