Youtube The Best Viral Videos of 2014  

Jude Newsome
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YouTube's top trending videos of 2014 include some of the best viral videos of the year so far, compiled based on searches, shares and YouTube views this year. From the hilarious to the horrifying, these most-searched, YouTube trending videos captivated the Internet viewing public across the world.

What was trending on YouTube in 2014? Adding to the already extensive list of the greatest short viral videos and top fail videos of the 2013, many of the best YouTube videos of the year find themselves ranking high on view count to make their way onto a list of YouTube videos of the year. From horrifying baby pranks to drunk/high/out of their mind actresses, there is no shortage of content to view on the Internet this year, and the top trending viral videos of 2014 list is your slice of the best videos online in 2014. 

What are the most watched videos of 2014? What YouTube video have the most views in 2014? The names of the most watched YouTube viral videos are all here on this list of the top YouTube videos of the year, with more viral videos added each day. This list includes popular videos that were trending on YouTube in 2014. If you can't get enough of the best of YouTube, check out the top YouTube videos of 2013 and see the best of the past year.

11-Year-Old May Be the Best Dancer in the Nation

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Video: YouTube
Prepare to feel inadequate. This 11-year-old sensation is better at dancing that you are at anything. 

Devil Baby Attack

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Video: YouTube
The viral advertising campaign for the horror movie Devil's Due sent New Yorkers screaming from a helpless little baby that turned out to be anything but harmless.

49er Fan Pastor Tim's 1-Minute Sermon

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Video: YouTube
This pastor is a man of God...and the 49ers.