The Top US High Schools With Most Asian-American Students

Asian-American students can be seen on most all high school campuses, but, according to U.S. News and World Report, these are the top U.S. high schools with the most Asians. To even make it on this list, the schools had to have both a high percentage of Asian-American students and make it on the publication's Gold Medal List for the top 100 high schools in the United States.

Regardless of demographics in enrollment, many of these schools are among the best in the country as standard public high schools, charter schools or magnet schools. Whitney High School, for instance, comes in second in terms of Asian-American enrollment with 84.9% of their 984 students with an Asian background and third overall among high schools in the United States, with a 100% college readiness index.

U.S. News and World Report provided these numbers of high schools with the most Asian students in 2011, as they do annually for high schools, colleges, and many other things. In addition to ranking the best schools in the USA, they also provide lists based on enrollment demographics such as lists breaking down the best schools with the most hispanic students, among many others.
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