The Best Yuri Manga

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For all your readers who enjoy stories about girl love, we've created this list of the best yuri manga ever made. Most of these titles are not mature yuri, but a few of them might not be suitable for young children. People have very different answers when you ask them what the top yuri manga is. Often times the series Girl Friends is mentioned, proving to be one of the more popular titles in the yuri genre. But what about manga like The Flower and the Star, Citrus, and Yuri Hime? We're pitting old and new yuri manga against each other, and only you can decide what will reach the top of the poll.

Vote for the greatest yuri manga on the list (in your opinion of course), and definitely add your favorite titles if they're currently not here. If you add a series that is very sexual in nature, please note that so others understand what age group it's appropriate for.
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