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Here's How Toph Would Easily Defeat Every Member Of The Avengers

August 21, 2020 18.1k votes 2.0k voters 37.3k views10 items

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Toph is one of the best fighters and characters from Avatar the Last Airbender. She uses her earthbending to fight swiftly and creatively, sensing every move her enemy makes before they reach her. Here's why Toph would singelhandedly embarrass each member of the Avengers.

  • Pro Toph: Black Widow has two things going for her: lying and hand-to-hand combat. Toph can sense lying and stop any acrobatic (e.g. Aang and Ty Lee); she would step on this tiny spider.

    Pro Black Widow: If she can lie like Azula, she might stand a chance.

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  • Pro Toph: Toph was able to predict the knives of sharpshooter Mai. Put Hawkeye in a dark room, and Toph will outsmart him. Easy.

    Pro Hawkeye: He's a trained spy who has the instincts of a Dai Lee agent.

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  • Pro Toph: This guy's shield is made completely of metal. Take that away and you have an old-fashioned man whose outdated fighting styles that are too slow for the Blind Bandit. She's even got a cooler - cultural significant - shield on her head.

    Pro Captain America: There's a small chance one of his cheesy speeches could work on her.

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  • Pro Toph: Toph is a metalbender. Iron Man is literally made of metal. Something tells me rich boy isn't going to be flying so high.

    Pro Iron Man: He's rich. He'd find a way.

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