The Best Tortilla Brands

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Whether they are crispy or soft, made with corn or flour, tortillas are the foundation of Mexican cuisine. These wraps may be filled with spicy meats, sliced vegetables, and hot salsas and folded into burritos, or loaded with melted cheese to make quesadillas. Every cook and company make their tortillas a bit differently. Some top tortilla brands specialize in crispy corn shells while other good tortilla brands make delicious tortillas from finely ground or whole wheat flour. A few of the most popular tortilla brands have been perfecting their recipes for decades.

What tasty wrap should top this list of the best tortilla brands? Mission is one of the most popular tortilla brands in the United States. From flour tortillas to corn shells, Mission makes it all. This top manufacturer even has gluten-free options available for consumers with dietary restrictions. Old El Paso is another instantly recognizable name you will find on this list, along with other top brands including Ortega, El Milagro, and Chi Chi's.

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