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Graveyard Shift
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16 Killers Who Deliberately Prolonged Their Victims' Suffering

Updated 17 Dec 2018 914.7k views16 items

This list details instances in which both men and women - some with the help of accomplices - committed infamously sadistic crimes. A sadist finds pleasure in harming others, and that pleasure is often sexual. These "torture killers" deliberately kept their victims alive and in psychological and physical pain before ending their lives. Many of those on this list are, in fact, serial killers, so they have committed these acts on multiple occasions. Some constructed dungeons, mobile chambers, and even instruments with which to conduct their assaults. More than inflicting physical pain, these offenders found ways to mentally manipulate those they were hurting. 

However, none are still active today. Regardless of state or country, these notorious offenders have been caught, tried, and convicted - or if not, have already found their end through natural or self-inflicted causes. 


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