Utterly Useless Facts The World Needs To Know

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Vote up the most trivial facts about the world that you still find fascinating.

History is full of tragic heroes, eerie coincidences, and bizarre events we can't believe actually happened. We love learning about all these facts, as well as sharing them with our friends and family. But sometimes we come across facts that are so useless, so genuinely trivial, we wonder if they're worth sharing at all.

But then we come to the end of the week and decide, no, these unsung facts deserve to be shouted from the rooftops. People need to know why baboons can't open major league games, and which toy company is actually the most prolific tire manufacturer in the world. 

When you read these facts (as shared by people on Reddit), vote up the ones you believe are truly useless to your everyday life - and yet you can't help thinking about anyway.

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    WD-40 Is Named That Because The First 39 WDs Were Failures

    From Redditor happycamperii:

    WD40 is named only because WD 1 thru 39 were failures.

    What The Experts Say: WD-40 stands for “Water Displacement, 40th formula.”

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    'Eigengrau' Is The Color You See In A Pitch Black Room

    From Redditor sharbl:

    If you open your eyes in a pitch-black room, the color you’ll see is called “eigengrau.”

    What The Experts Say: Even when you're in total darkness, your optic nerve remains active and sends visual signals to your brain. As STSTW writes, “When we close our eyes or enter total darkness most people see vague grey field usually composed of changing regions of tiny black and white dots. This colour is called the Eigengrau, a German word that means intrinsic grey. What we are seeing is visual noise and it is the static of our retina.”

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    LEGO Is The Biggest Tire Manufacturer In The World

    From Redditor mkick90:

    Lego is the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world.

    What The Experts Say: This is true in the sense that LEGO manufactures more rubber tires per year than any automotive company. LEGO produced 381 million tires in 2010, easily surpassing the output of Bridgestone or Michelin, the two leading tire manufacturers. However, if we want to get technical, LEGO holds the Guinness World Record for being the “largest annual volume toy tyre manufacturer ever.”

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    Haiti And Liechtenstein Didn't Realize They Had The Same Flag Until The 1936 Olympics

    From Redditor CobbleStone05:

    Haïti and Lichtenstein had the same flag by accident (dark blue stripe over dark red) and didn't realise until the 1936 Olympics.

    What The Experts Say: Britannica reports, “When Liechtenstein participated in the 1936 Summer Olympic Games held in Germany, it discovered that the national flag of Haiti had the same blue-red pattern. To avoid confusion in the future, the following year a yellow crown was added near the hoist of the blue stripe in the Liechtenstein flag.”

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    The Word 'Helicopter' Is A Combination Of 'Helico' And 'Pter'

    From Redditor Nik106:

    “Helicopter” isn’t heli + copter; it’s helico (spiral) + pter (wing).

    What The Experts Say: Helicopter derives from the French hélicoptère, itself derived from the Greek words helix (which becomes helikos when forming compound words) and pterón.

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    Baboons Can't Throw Overhand

    From Redditor justmike12:

    Baboons can't throw overhand.

    What The Experts Say: Because of the orientation of baboons' shoulder blades, they are physically incapable of throwing overhand. However, as Wired points out, "That does not stop them from hurling projectiles at threats in an underarm fashion… and they can still throw with a good deal of force and accuracy."

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