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Touching Animal Death Rituals That Will Make You Tear Up

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Do animals mourn their dead? This has been a question many often wonder. The answer may be yes - animals do appear to exhibit sorrow when it comes to the death of a family or pack member. Numerous psychological studies and observations have suggested animal grief is a genuine and recurring process seen in various species throughout the animal kingdom. In fact, many creatures perform animal death rituals to help them cope with the loss of a companion or offspring.

Although animal rituals vary from species to species, all creatures exhibit similar characteristics when it comes to expressing emotions of sorrow and stress. Some scientific theories suggest the creatures are merely reacting to death because of safety concerns regarding predators and illnesses. Still, many of these captured occurrences suggest animal mourning is in fact a sentimental state of being.

After all, it should be no surprise that like humans, animals also make deep connections with each other. Animals are extremely intelligent creatures with deep emotional and intellectual capacities. One thing is certain: Animals feel and mourn the loss of friendships and families just like humans do. Discover the different types of sad animal mourning rituals that will tug at your heartstrings and probably leave you in tears.

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