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The Best Tough Guy Speeches in Movies

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There's nothing quite like that awesome tough guy speech moment in a movie. The music swells, tension is pumped up to 11, and we usually learn something about the character, the plot, or both - all while cheering on this badass moment. Tough guy movie monologues are hard to do, though. You need the right actor, you need the right dialogue (that can walk that line between cheesy and awe-inspiring), and you need the right situation. 

Maybe it's a man leading his men to battle. Or a final farewell to life before he dives into battle with his arch-nemesis. Or a long diatribe rationalizing the heinous things he's done. Or an exposition-loaded macho monologue to bring the audience up to speed. Whatever the case, the tough guy speech is a thing of beauty.

We rounded up some of our favorite tough guy speeches and movie quotes, complete with video! Enjoy these moments of cinematic badassery and vote up your favorite movies!
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    William Wallace - Braveheart

    Video: YouTube
    The whole movie lead to this. Sadly people only remember the last word (which, to be fair, is uttered a few dozen times throughout the film). This speech - and it's delivery - is one of the best battle-rousing ones in cinema history.
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    Quint - Jaws

    Video: YouTube
    This speech does a fantastic thing where it not only teaches us about Quint, but it makes both Quint and the shark (who we grow to fear more and more) even more intimidating.
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    Achilles - Troy

    Video: YouTube
    It's a short speech but it accomplishes a lot. We see why Achilles's men follow him. We see him as a leader, the leader. We see how much he loves his men. We see why, years later, we remember his name.
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    Col. Nathan R. Jessup - A Few Good Men

    Video: YouTube
    This speech. Oh man, this speech. There's so much more to love than just the "you can't handle the truth" portion. He delivers it violently and abrasively, all while sitting. He's a villain, doing awful things, but you almost, almost see where he's coming from.
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