The Toughest NASCAR Tracks

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The toughest NASCAR tracks challenge even the best NASCAR drivers from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Based on their age, design and condition, each NASCAR track provides different struggles to the drivers and the cars but the toughest NASCAR tracks provide the biggest test to both.

NASCAR tracks come in four major types: short, intermediate, superspeedway and road course. Short tracks are oval shaped and under one mile in length. Intermediate tracks are between one and two miles around the oval. Superspeedway tracks are the biggest of the oval tracks at more than two miles around. Road courses are the least common and often the longest with several twists and turns. Because of their unique design, road tracks like Road America and the Infineon Raceway are considered some of the most difficult to navigate.

But the design of the course is only one factor into deciding which NASCAR tracks are the toughest. A simple oval track, such as the tri-oval at Talladega Superspeedway or Daytona International Speedway, allows for higher speeds and the included smaller margin for error.

The stress on the cars and the NASCAR drivers varies at each track making each a unique challenge for the cars and drivers alike. One driver with one car may see success on one track but struggle on another and vice versa. That exclusivity to the sport of NASCAR makes it exciting and endlessly competitive. Who said driving in circles was boring?