Which Pop Culture Gangs Would Win In An Epic Battle?

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Throughout pop culture, there have been gangs that roam mostly fictional streets in order to gain cred and currency, either in the name of their singular leader or the gang itself. There are many reasons why a gang does what they do: some are born into the pop culture gang life, while others join up to get their kicks. Some pop culture gangs are feared, others are just tolerated. 

Whether it’s the harsh brutality of the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange, the song and dance stylings of the T-Birds and the Jets, or the madcap antics of The Muppets, pop culture gangs each have their own way of doing things. Some fight for love, some for power, others just like to fight (and some not at all). But which gang would win the most epic rumble of them all?


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    The Warriors

    Appear In: The Warriors

    Leader: Cleon

    Primary Stomping Ground: Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

    Their Arsenal And Abilities: The Warriors are know for wearing purple vests with skulls on the back, making them recognizable on the street. They tend to fight with knives and are defended by a local radio DJ. 

    Notable Activity: The Warriors are known for their toughness: They can take a beating and tend to run around rough areas, but they always get back up. They spend most of their time in New York City bopping from one borough to the other. 

    The Shortcomings: In 1979 The Warriors were on the run from every other street crew in New York (The Baseball Furies, The Hi-Hats, etc.) after being blamed erroneously for taking out the leader of The Gramercy Riffs, Cyrus. 

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    Appear In: A Clockwork Orange

    Leader: Alex Delarge

    Primary Stomping Ground: London, England

    Their Arsenal And Abilities: The Droogs use whatever they have handy to cause chaos, which is their primary goal. More often than not they use their hands and fists to take on whatever and whoever dares to cross their path. Alex does have his handy cane, which he employs when he feels like it, making it clear he doesn't actually need the tool for destruction. 

    The Droogs can be spotted in solid white outfits with black bowler hats, combat boots, and large codpieces. 

    Notable Activity: The Droogs are known to be apathetic and sinister with a habit of sexual deviancy and drinking milk-plus. They break into people's homes and attack the residents while whistling to Gene Kelly's "Singin' in the Rain" or Beethoven's 9th; but they won't hesitate to take you out just for walking by them on the street. At one point, they break into the home of a wealthy man and woman before hitting them with their own art.

    The Shortcomings: No one in the gang gets along, and two of the lower members - George and Dim - genuinely despise Alex. Their hunger for chaos often leads to irrational behavior, which could easily land them in the slammer. 

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    The Muppets

    Appear In: Great Muppet Capper and Muppets Most Wanted

    Leader: Kermit the Frog 

    Primary Stomping Ground: Los Angeles, CA, and London, England

    Their Arsenal And Abilities: This crew can play the banjo and other musical instruments with expertise. They have excellent sneaking abilities, and they know karate.

    Notable Activity: In 1981 the group stole the Baseball Diamond from the Mallory Gallery, and in 2014 they took part in a plot to steal the British Crown Jewels. 

    The Shortcomings: The Muppets are woefully under prepared for any major heists, and tend to prefer giving a performance over a stealth maneuver. 

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    The Boddicker Gang

    The Boddicker Gang
    Photo: MGM

    Appear In: Robocop

    Leader: Clarence Boddicker

    Primary Stomping Ground: Detroit, MI

    Their Arsenal And Abilities: The Boddicker arsenal is mostly firearms. For a short period of time, they moved through Detroit without fear of arrest due to their work with the megacorporation, Omni Consumer Products (OCP). 

    Notable Activity: The Boddicker Gang runs the underground activity of illicit tools and substances, and they work secretly for the Vice President of OCP. In the final few months of their time together, they took out DCPD officer Alex Murphy, and they became widely wanted. 

    The Shortcomings: While all of the members are either reverent or afraid of Clarence Boddicker, they don’t really like him or each other. There’s definitely some infighting for supremacy, which impedes them from national growth.