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Which Stephen King Villain Would Win In A Battle Royale?

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The work of Stephen King forms not only a dense canon of horror, science fiction, and fantasy stories, but also a new form of American mythology. His stories have terrified readers and viewers for decades, and while his themes are full of existential dread, audiences truly connect with his villains. Stephen King villains fall into a few different varieties - there are inter-dimensional creatures who feed off fear, humans that are just straight-up mean, and traditional creatures like vampires and werewolves with a little twist. 

It’s hard to decide on the best Stephen King villain - so many of them are memorable in such terrifying ways - but whether you prefer Randall Flagg from The Stand or Pennywise the Dancing Clown, it’s clear that not every Stephen King antagonist can stand toe to toe with one another. That’s where the battle royale comes in. The only way to determine which villain is the strongest is to have them compete in a stand-off that tests their powers, will, and mental fortitude - preferably in the middle of the night with no stars around. 

Which Stephen King villain could win a battle royale? 

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