15 People Who Live Near Tourist Destinations Reveal What The Average Tourist Should Know

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Locals and travelers: vote up the most useful information every tourist should know.

The next time you visit a touristy area, take into account that people actually live there. As long as you're respectful, the locals are usually happy to reveal the tourist destination rules that you should know when you visit. These useful tips will keep you safe and happy, but also improve your trip! So read up and learn what to do when you travel to these tourist destinations.

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    Don't Spray Your Kids With Bear Spray At ANY National Park

    From Redditor u/mrozema123:

    Glacier National Park here: Don't spray your kids with bear spray. Ever. It's not going to prevent bears. It's high-power pepper spray.

    I've actually been asked how much parents should spray on their kids...

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    In Amsterdam ALWAYS Look Both Way Before Crossing The Street

    From Redditor u/Andromeda321:

    I live in Amsterdam, just a few blocks from the Anne Frank House. If you see a red path while visiting our city, don't walk on it. That is a cycle path, and you will get hit.

    Similarly, the biggest thing people don't realize is instinctively you tend to only look to cross a street when you hear a sound. Bikes don't make a sound. So when visiting Amsterdam you should always look both ways before stepping into the street.

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    Go To Disney World In October Or Don't Go At All

    From a former Redditor:

    The best time to visit Walt Disney World is October. Fall break was a month ago, so no one's there, they're all back in school. There's a Halloween party in Magic Kingdom, a food/wine event at EPCOT with drinks and cuisine from all the countries plus others that's freaking awesome, and the weather isn't hellish. It's actually quite nice.

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    The Mall Of America Is Very Overrated

    From Redditor u/jakjg:

    Minneapolis, Minnesota-


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    Buy Hershey's Park Tickets At The Grocery Store For A Discount

    From Redditor u/tonguefangtail829:

    Hershey PA.

    1. Chocolate World is free but everything else costs a fortune.

    2. Go to the local grocery store -Giant- and purchase tickets for Hershey Park there. They usually have discounted tickets.

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    Don't Pay More Than $2 For Street Food In New York

    From Redditor u/slickguy:

    How to be a proper New Yorker when buying food from street vendors that don't have posted prices in tourist trap areas:

    Step 1. Order a hot dog.

    Step 2. As the vendor finishes making a hot dog, ask how much it costs.

    Step 3. After learning it's $7, tell him to you refuse to be ripped off, then proceed to walk away.

    Step 4. Offer to pay correct pricing of no more than $2.

    Step 5. Parties mutually agree to settlement while muttering under breaths.

    Step 6. Enjoy said hot dog.

    Step 7 (Optional Bonus). Spend saved money on overpriced cocktails without complaint.