15 Tourist Traps And Scams (And How To Avoid Them)

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Experienced travelers: vote up the worst traps and scams tourists should avoid.

When you're traveling, tourist traps are a fact of life. They're not all bad, but let's be honest, they're mostly terrible. Luckily, well-traveled souls have been very generous in sharing their tips on how to avoid tourist traps.

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    Paying To See The Sphinx

    From Redditor u/they_were_taken:

    At the pyramids in Egypt, people with fake badges will tell you that you are required to pay them extra to see the Sphinx. It's included with your park ticket.

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    Selling Staten Island Ferry Tickets

    From Redditor u/Aceofkings9:

    PSA: The Staten Island Ferry is FREE. If people are trying to charge you for tickets, they're [swindlers]. If you're traveling to New York, it's worth visiting for the views, especially considering the cost or lack thereof.

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    Paying For Food You Didn't Want

    From Redditor u/kattspraak:

    Had this in Portugal at a restaurant... They had tiger prawns on the appetizer menu and noticed they were expensive. The restaurant first brought out olives as we were browsing, then we ordered and 5 minutes later they came out with bread, something else, and these prawns - all of which we did not order. I asked if it was just for the table since we didn't order them and got them to admit that no, they were not free. They just put food on our table hoping we'd touch it and be charged a huge amount. Luckily we didn't touch them and after some discussion, they got taken away. I was so mad.

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    Don't Touch The Merchandise

    From Redditor u/SalemScout:

    Never let a street seller hand you anything. They won't take it back. Once it is in your hands, they consider it sold and will bully or threaten you until you give them money.