Weird Nature These Tourists Captured Their Close Encounter With A Massive Shark On Camera  

Mick Jacobs

A group of lucky tourists received the chance of a lifetime when their boat came across one of the few sharks you would actually want to encounter in the open ocean. In this video, a curious whale shark decides to see what these humans are all about.

Whale sharks, which are the largest shark species in the world, also happen to be one of the most gentle. A filter-feeder, the whale shark casually swims through the sea filtering krill and other tiny organisms through its mouth.

Because of this, the animal makes a welcome appearance to this tour group, who probably never expected to see a shark, much less a gentle one. 

Surely, these tourists will remember this day for the rest of their lives. Watch the video to see the other aquatic acquaintances these tourists made out in the deep blue sea.