15 Towns To Stay Far Away From, According To People Who’ve Been There

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“To each his own,” they say, but when it comes to traveling and having a nice time out in a different location, there are some basic standards that everyone should agree on when considering a worthy travel destination. 

These Redditors are sharing their experiences and naming the most unwelcoming towns they've ever been to so you can add those places to your blacklist. Vote up the towns you won't be visiting anytime soon.

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    Paisley, Ontario, Canada

    From Redditor u/ZookeepergameSea3890:

    Paisley, Ontario, Canada.

    I was heading out there with friends for a camping-style music festival... and this is before any of our group had GPS/google maps on our cell phones. We ended up getting lost on some of the country roads as everything looked the same (just fields and dirt roads), and the names/#s of the roads weren't well marked.

    We finally decided to stop at a farm to ask for directions. It was a very old-looking place. And as soon as we pulled into the drive, a whack load of Amish-style dressed men, women, and children came out and surrounded the car. Legit, one guy even had a scythe.

    I rolled my window down and politely said we were lost and asked how to get to such-and-such address.

    One of the men got down low and leaned right into my window and goes, "There's no place like that around here. How bout y'all stay here with us? You should stay here." And then he grinned this big greasy grin that gave me chills.

    People were really gawking and closing in around the car at this point and my friends started freaking out.

    I said something like, "Thanks, but we gotta go!" then put my stereo system on blast, which got the guy out of my window and made the folks around the car back it up.

    I immediately rolled up my window, revved my engine, and peeled out of there as fast as I could. We found the address about 5 minutes later, just down the road.

    Total Children of the Corn vibes for sure.

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    Brandywine, West Virginia

    From Redditor u/19SpencerBuddy93:

    Years ago, I stopped in a little town called Brandywine in West Virginia. Walked into a bar, and right away everyone turned and glared at me. A couple of good old boys asked me if I was looking for trouble, and if I wasn't [then] I should move on. 

    I left the bar, and a sheriff car and two trucks followed me out of town. The dude in the sheriff car glared at me all the way out of town lol. I thought I was gonna get lynched.

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    Nitro, West Virginia

    From Redditor u/Leona_Faye:

    Nitro, WV.

    I pulled into a gas station to fill up my leaky tire. There were people at the gas station at 3 in the morning, giving the “tweaker stare.” One asked to borrow my phone despite there being a working payphone.

    I jumped in the car with a half-flat tire, went 10 miles down the road, and found a much less sketchy truck stop to fill the tire back up.

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    Pelzer, South Carolina

    From Redditor u/Deus-system-failed:

    Pelzer, SC.

    To say it's off is an understatement. It got national infamy decades ago for being home to a predator Taoist cult that was stopped by the FBI. Their symbols still tag the rotting buildings, and despite having residents, nearly all businesses are essentially empty. 

    People drive far to avoid being there, and something is just unnatural about the aura. No one from Pelzer is from Pelzer, they are from Anderson.