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The Most Poisonous Frogs & Toads

If you're like most people, you might walk up on a pretty frog or some toads and pick it up. Ok, most people probably wouldn't do that, which is a good thing seeing as some species of frog are some of the most toxic animals on the planet. What makes a toad or frog poisonous isn't the same as what makes a snake venomous. It has a lot to do with what they eat, but thanks to their particular biology, they have the ability to secrete poisons that can kill an adult human on contact!

The most poisonous frogs in the world that are considered deadly to humans are usually found in places you probably wouldn't run into them, but that doesn't mean you should go around hunting frogs. Many of these frogs are beautiful in coloring and look perfectly benign, but don't let their small stature and cute looks fool you, picking up a poisonous frog could very well be the last thing you ever do so take note of these little hoppers and respect the deadliest frogs on the planet.