fictional characters 17 Undeniably Toxic TV Relationships That Fans Rooted For Anyway  

Alexandra Plesa
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Plenty of TV couples give the good folks of the world actual #relationshipgoals. Think Eric and Tami Taylor. Marshall and Lily. Cory and Topanga. At the other end of the spectrum, there are those couples that are ridiculous and almost painful to watch, the truly terrible ones no one is rooting for. Sam and Ruby from Supernatural or Rachel and Joey from Friends. Somewhere in the middle, there’s a grey area of effed up TV couples everyone is still shipping. These bad TV relationships you still root for have such obvious issues you know they're bad for each other, but you love them in spite of their problems. 

Viewers are big fans of drama, so it’s not uncommon to ship two characters to death even if they treat each other poorly or have a damaging union. Yet characters enjoying their happily ever after doesn't mean their love is an example of an ideal, healthy relationship. Quite the contrary.

Often enough, TV writers have a special talent of making us root for characters who have done awful things to each other, ranging from cheating to being on-again, off-again to verbal abuse. Here are some undeniably toxic TV relationships you can still swoon over, messed up TV relationships you can't help but love. 

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Ross And Rachel From Friends

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It was pretty clear from the very beginning of Friends that lovebirds Ros and Rachel were endgame. That’s mainly why it’s baffling to think about all the things that made their relationship problematic. Ross was controlling and ridiculously jealous. He jumped in bed with someone else literally hours after he and Rachel broke up, making it impossible for her to trust him again. On the other hand, Rachel used the influence she had over him to break up several of Ross’s relationships, just because she couldn't make up her mind about whether she wanted to be with him or not. Their on-again, off-again routine was anything but healthy. And yet, she was his lobster. How can one root against that? 

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Buffy And Spike From Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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The vampire slayer and the vampire. Buffy and Spike. How can you stand against that? Especially since he pines for her for ages and even decides to join the good guys, which isn't true to his nature.

What makes Buffy's and Spile's relationship so toxic? In the beginning, Buffy used Spike, the broke things off, making him violent. She then forgave him, and he sacrificed himself for her. Summed up, their relationship is a disaster from start to finish, no matter how romantic it may look from the outside. 

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Chuck And Blair From Gossip Girl

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Theoretically, Chuck and Blair two are perfect for each other. They have amazing chemistry, love to manipulate others, always play games to get what they want. It was expected for fans to root for this couple to live happily ever after; thankfully, they did. But their relationship was also incredibly frustrating. Chuck treated Blair poorly on more than one occasion, to the point of verbally abusing her after she slept with both him and Nate. Plus, remember that time he wanted to exchange her for a hotel? How do you forgive that? In real life, these two would either be long separated, or making a couple counselor very rich. 

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Carrie And Big From Sex And The City

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Carrie always seemed better off when Big wasn't in the picture. He was a bad influence on her, always stringing her along, unable to commit. They engage in an affair at one point, hurting two people who did nothing wrong. Even when they’re together, Big doesn’t seem to truly appreciate Carrie and accept her for who she is until the very end of the original series. Their love is the definition of toxic, but it also has highs that are hard to ignore. Like when Big flies to Paris to get Carrie back. That’s the stuff of fairy tales, and we’re here for it.