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People Describe Their Most Abusive Jobs And Toxic Work Environments

Updated 1 Jul 2019 14.3k views17 items

Let's be honest: who really has their dream job? Most of us are just working for the weekend, and even if the job is satisfactory on a daily basis there are always things that could improve. The commute could be less than ideal; the pay rate might be miniscule. Other times, though, the problems are more intrinsic. Some work environments are just toxic, negative spaces that promote bad energy and abusive situations. Employees suffering from employer abuse turn to Reddit for venting purposes. Their horrible stories about bad bosses will make you reconsider your desire to ever enter the corporate world. 

It might be time to start fighting the stigma that comes with living in your parents' basement. After all, hiding down there indefinitely has to to be healthier than working in a place that treats you like garbage.

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