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The 12 Craziest Toy Attacks of All Time

These are the craziest toy attacks and crimes committed using toys of all time. Some guy attacked people in a store with a lightsaber to the point of having to be brought down by the police; a woman used a toy penguin to try to hold up a gas station, and entire planes have been hijacked by toy grenades. These are the most vicious attacks, robberies and crimes committed using children's toys, and they are spectacularly weird.

What are some weird crimes committed using children's toys? If you're wondering where people who commit crimes with kids' toys rank on the evolutionary scale, these bizarre crimes involving toys will give you a pretty solid idea.
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    Assaulting Toys R Us Shoppers with a Lightsaber

    Video: YouTube

    At the height of the 2011 holiday shopping season, one Portland man reached his limit and started attacking fellow Toys R Us shoppers with a toy lightsaber, like any rational adult would after standing in line while listening to children use that Dora the Explorer talking toy 27 times in a row.

    But the force was so strong with him that when officers tried to taser David Canterbury, he wielded the toy lightsaber so effectively that he was able to break the taser wire.

    Eventually an officer tackled Canterbury, who is now undergoing a mental health evaluation for using the weapon of choice for the peace-mongering monks from a galaxy far far away.

    To his credit, Canterbury's lightsaber didn't belong to a Sith Lord (or Apprentice), so he had not completely gone over to the dark side. I would've used Mace Windu's because say what you will about the prequels, that is one sleek purple lightsaber.
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    Drinking and Driving a Toy Car

    Getting drunk and then getting behind the wheel of a car is one of the worst and most dangerous things that you can do – turning your vehicle into a deadly machine that can hurt anyone in its path.

    But what if, when you're drunk, you get behind the wheel of an electric Barbie car with a top speed of 4 m.p.h.? That is what 40-year-old Paul Hutton did in the U.K. last year, turning the Barbie vehicle into a very slow weapon on wheels.

    And even though a pedestrian could outrun the out-of-control Barbie car, Hutton was still arrested for drunk driving and had his license suspended for three years. Too bad he wasn't aware of the Welsh teenager who was charged in 2006 for drinking and then driving a child's dune buggy.

    As if getting a DUI wasn't already embarrassing enough, this guy has to walk around asking for rides, taking the subway, and telling people he doesn't have a valid license because he drove a pink barbie cars. I mean, he could've at least been driving a Power Wheels.
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    Man Hijacks Plane with Toy Grenade

    In 1988, Gonzalo Carreno diverted a domestic flight en route to Bogota back to its departure city, forced all 128 passengers to deplane, demanded $100,000, and then ordered the plane to Panama to refuel, to Aruba, and finally back to Colombia, after the pilots assured Carreno that the plane couldn't make it all the way to Cuba and all while carrying a toy grenade. He was finally captured later that day about 300 yards from the runway, still clutching the grenade.

    His reasoning for all of this? Carreno claimed he was terminally ill with cancer and wanted to go out with a bang by flying to India and meeting up with Mother Theresa. 

    At least he never pulled the pin on that toy grenade.

  • Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Woman Tries to Rob a Store with a Toy Penguin

    If you decide to turn to a life of crime and rob a gas station, one way to get the clerk to hand over the cash is to say you have a bomb. 

    One woman named Andri Lynn Jeffers stuffed a toy penguin under her shirt and tried to rob a convenience store saying that she had a bomb. The cash register was empty, though, so there was really nothing they could do to help her.

    She pressed on and was then caught by authorities who discovered that she was unarmed, not wielding anything more deadly than the infectiously adorable toy penguin she pretended was something that could take out the entire store.