Unspeakable Crimes The Toy Box Killer Taped Himself Tormenting His Victims And The Transcripts Are Haunting  

Jacob Shelton
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David Parker Ray, otherwise known as the Toy Box Killer, was a sadomasochistic serial killer from New Mexico who kidnapped women, imprisoned them, and turned them into sex slaves. He usually kept his victims locked up for months at a time before using phenobarbital and MKUltra techniques to wipe their memory and set them loose, or he would simply kill them. Before he started in on a victim he would play them a tape with instructions for how they were supposed to act and what would happen to them. These tapes have been transcribed as the Toy Box Killer transcripts and they’re not an easy read.

In the transcripts, the Toy Box Killer's proclivities are on full display. He brags about how many women he’s captured, how he likes to have sex, and what he plans on doing to each of his victims. The outcome is stomach churning. When Ray was finally caught it was believed that he had amassed 60 victims. But while he belonged to the fraternity of serial killers who recorded their murders, the court was only able to pin three murders on him. Keep reading to learn exactly what David Parker Ray was into, and how he let his victims know it.

David Parker Ray Promises To Turn His Victims Into Sex Slaves

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David Parker Ray opens one tape with this greeting:

"I’m sure that you’ve already tried to get your wrists and ankles loose, and know you can’t. Now you’re just waiting to see what’s gonna happen next. You probably think you’re gonna be raped and you’re f*ckin’ sure right about that. Our primary interest is in what you’ve got between your legs. You’ll be raped thoroughly and repeatedly, in every hole you’ve got. Because, basically, you’ve been snatched and brought here for us to train and use as a sex slave. Sound kind of far out? Well, I suppose it is to the uninitiated, but we do it all the time."

David Parker Ray Gets Off On Bestiality

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One of the most disgusting things that Ray did was submit his victims to bestiality. He explained the torture in horrible detail:

"When we have a party, sometimes I like to put on a little show that you won’t like at all. You’ll be taken into the living room and put on the floor on your hands and knees, naked. Your wrists, ankles, knees and hips will be strapped to a metal frame to hold your body in that position. The frame is designed for doggie f*ckin’, your ass up in the air, sex organs exposed, your tits hangin’ down on each side of a metal support bar. I’m going to rub canine breeder’s musk on your back, the back of your neck, and on your sex organs. Now I have three dogs. One of ‘em is a very large German shepherd that is always horny, and he loves it when I bring him in the house to f*ck a woman. Now I’ve had slaves tell me that it feels like they got a baseball inside of ‘em. It doesn’t take long. He’s gonna hump you real fast for about three or four minutes." 

He Explains His Horrifying Attraction To Teenage Girls

Early on in one tape, Ray tells his captive what kind of woman he enjoys kidnapping, and most chillingly, why:

"We are very selective when we snatch a girl to use for these purposes. It goes without saying that you have a fine body and you’re probably young, maybe very young. Because, for our purposes, we prefer to snatch girls in the early to mid teens, sexually developed, but still small bodied, scared sh*tless, easy to handle and easy to train, and they usually have tight little p*ssies and assh*les. They make perfect slaves. Any time that we go on a hunting trip, if we can’t find a little teenager, we usually start hittin’ the gay bars, look for a well-built, big-titted lesbian. I thoroughly enjoy rapin’ and screwin’ around with lesbians, and there’s not as much danger of them carrying a sexually transmitted disease. And I don’t like usin’ condoms."

Ray Compares His Victims To Animals

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This probably isn't a surprise but the Toy Box Killer didn't hold his victims in high regards:

"I make it a point never to like a slave and I f*ckin’ sure don’t have any respect for you. Here, your status is no more than that of one of the dogs, or of one of the animals out in the barn. Your only value to us is the fact that you have an attractive, usable body. And, like the rest of our animals, you will be fed and watered, kept in good physical condition, kept reasonably clean and allowed to use the toilet when necessary."