31 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Toy Story

Toy Story movies find a way to keep causing waves of nostalgia while still improving upon themselves and Toy Story behind the scenes trivia is always interesting. Who would've thought Toy Story 2 had any hope of being as good as the first - much less a Toy Story 3 feeling fresh and original all those years later. The third film alone made more than a billion dollars and is one of the highest grossing films of all time (the first two are no slackers either). But the films have such a rich history and are so vital to the current state of filmmaking there's still so much to be learned about - and from - them.

For example you probably knew that Toy Story was the first ever feature length, fully computer animated film, but did you know that Joss Whedon wrote one of the most famous lines from the first film? Or that Pixar accidentally deleted These facts are the tip of the iceberg.

So to honor the films that started not only one of the best and most consistent film studios in the business (Pixar), we've dug up the very best Toy Story trivia out there! Dive through these facts and learn something new about Woody, Buzz, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and these other friends you've had for decades.

  • 90% of the Toy Story 2 Files Were Deleted During Production

    Toy Story 2 was nearly lost in 1998 when, during a routine clearing of files, someone accidentally started a deletion of the root folder for the assets on Pixar's internal servers. 

    Oren Jacobs (one of the technical directors) was one of the first to notice as character models just up and disappeared from their works in progress. They quickly unplugged their file servers but had lost a whopping 90% of their two years of work. Worse yet, the backups were found to have failed some time previously.

    That's when another technical director Galyn Susman, became a real life superhero. She had been working from home (taking care of her newborn), and realized she likely had backups of the assets on her home computer. The Pixar team was able to recover nearly all of the lost assets, save for the most recent few days of work.

    Source: The Next Web

  • Toy Story 2 References a Real Life Toy Story Problem

    Remember the scene in Al's Toy Barn when they drive down the Buzz Lightyear aisle? Tour Guide Barbie announces, "Back in 1995 short-sighted retailers did not order enough dolls to meet demand."

    That was true. When Toy Story was released, back in 1995, short-sighted toy sellers didn't think the movie would do well and didn't order enough supply to meet the demand.

    Source: IMDb

  • Toy Story 2 Was Originally a Direct-to-DVD Sequel

    Toy Story 2 made $485 million theatrically - even more than the first film brought in - but it was originally meant to skip theaters altogether!

    It was conceived as a direct-to-video sequel - as many second installment Disney movies are (have YOU seen The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea?) - with a release date set for late 1998. But then Disney was so impressed with the story that in February of 1998 they upgraded it to a full theatrical release. This required the story to be completely reworked so it could be expanded from a 60 to 90 minute film.

    Source: This Day in Pixar
  • Tom Hanks Was Drawn to the Role by His Childhood Dreams, Tim Allen by His Childhood Hero

    Tom Hanks Was Drawn to the Role by His Childhood Dreams, Tim Allen by His Childhood Hero
    Video: YouTube

    Tom Hanks decided to take up the role of Woody because when he was a kid he would always wonder if his toys were alive and if they moved around when no one was watching.

    Tim Allen on the other hand, said yes to playing Buzz Lightyear because before he was offered the part, Chevy Chase, his biggest influence, turned it down.

    Source: IMDb

  • The Trilogy Has a (Practically) Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

    Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have perfect 100% scores, while Toy Story 3 has an almost perfect 99%.

    Source: Rotten Tomatoes
  • Woody Started Out as a Jerk

    Woody Started Out as a Jerk
    Photo: yoppy / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Keith Sawyer wrote a book called Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Creativity. In it he details the path from early drafts of Toy Story to the finished film. He says that in the beginning "[it] had almost nothing in common with the movie that we know and love."

    For example, Woody was a completely different and mean-spirited character. "An early scene, had him abusing Slinky Dog, and another had him pushing Buzz out the window."

    Source: The Atlantic