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10 Toys That Ended Up Being Incredibly Dangerous

Updated 2 Dec 2019 129.2k views10 items

When toys are brilliantly designed and ingeniously lifelike, they can be pure magic. And when they're designed to move and function as if they've come to life, the effect is invariably even more majestic and awe-inspiring. But when malevolent toys go bad and try to take a life (either because their design is homicidally faulty or because they become possessed by unseen entities) then things start veering into Chucky territory, and go downhill very quickly.

These toys that came to life should've been sent straight to the (Riker's) Island of Misfit Toys. These aren't just playthings that were accused of being inappropriate or even kind of lame: they're creepy toys that have hurt children. It's actually quite frightening to think of all the times toys took revenge on kids, but then again, everyone knows that playthings move around and hatch diabolical plots when people aren't (and, sometimes, are) looking.

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