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Toys Everyone Had But Nobody Wanted

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Who doesn't like taking a trip down memory lane and remembering their favorite toys from childhood? - But even memory lane has some potholes. Ranker Comics has collected these rejects into a list of toys we were all gifted as children and couldn't get rid of fast enough!

Whether it be from a well-meaning aunt or a clearance bin at the secondhand store, these toys found their way into our room, under the bed, and eventually out on the curb. There are the knock offs - the toys that were a lot like other, more popular toys, but were still not the real McCoy. Then there were the side characters. After you collected your favorite heroes there were those characters that were still honored with their own action figure. Family members got into the gift-giving spirit when it was misdirected by advertising or some chunk of junk from their youth. There are the disappointment toys - the ones that were never like the commercials. Then there were the variants. These were all the repainted and accessorized figures that no one ever asked for in the first place. Lastly, the just plain bizarre - toys that you can't believe they made in the first place! These toys might have been fun for a little while but they definitely don't inspire nostalgia or a burning desire to look them up on eBay. 

So dump out that toy box and label a box "garage sale" - Ranker Comics has the rejects, the unloved and the undesired toys of our youth in one handy-dandy, most unwanted, list ever!
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    Usually, this was the gift from a well meaning grandparent or great aunt. They want you to enjoy the things they enjoyed when they were a child.

    However, in a landscape of nitro cycles and helicarriers, anything made of heavy wood and resembling an outdated technology just paled in comparison. Things like trains, race cars, or small animals quickly sunk to the bottom of the toy chest and were forgotten until yard sale time.

    The worst part about these toys was that when you had that super-aggressive friend over to play, they became a projectile of the heaviest degree.

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    Everyone had Don, The Undercover Turtle. We don't know what it was, but to this day if you look up "Lot of Ninja Turtle Figures" on eBay, Detective Don will be in there. (Also, nine times out of ten, the brim of his hat is missing a chunk out of it.)

    Despite the onslaught of turtle variants we got, this one was sort of canon since the TMNT often donned trench coats and fedoras when walking on the surface. However, out of context, this looks like down-and-out salesman Donatello who just needs a good lead.

    We suppose it could have been part of a Glengarry Glen Ross reenactment, if you were that kind of kid. 

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  • Hey, we're not saying that the T. rex itself is stupid. He was the most bad-ass part of Jurassic Park! We're just saying that once the king of dinosaurs lost that little piece of fleshy Dino Damage, your hulking monster now had a permanent seeping chest wound.
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    Tiger electronics was playtime's worst enemy. Among the worst offenders were the Lights Out games. Don't bother asking us how to play it.

    The game itself was so tedious that this purple and red light up display usually just turned into a clunky Tricorder or Mother Box-like device. 

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