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Toys Everyone Had But Nobody Wanted

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Who doesn't like taking a trip down memory lane and remembering their favorite toys from childhood? - But even memory lane has some potholes. Ranker Comics has collected these rejects into a list of toys we were all gifted as children and couldn't get rid of fast enough!

Whether it be from a well-meaning aunt or a clearance bin at the secondhand store, these toys found their way into our room, under the bed, and eventually out on the curb. There are the knock offs - the toys that were a lot like other, more popular toys, but were still not the real McCoy. Then there were the side characters. After you collected your favorite heroes there were those characters that were still honored with their own action figure. Family members got into the gift-giving spirit when it was misdirected by advertising or some chunk of junk from their youth. There are the disappointment toys - the ones that were never like the commercials. Then there were the variants. These were all the repainted and accessorized figures that no one ever asked for in the first place. Lastly, the just plain bizarre - toys that you can't believe they made in the first place! These toys might have been fun for a little while but they definitely don't inspire nostalgia or a burning desire to look them up on eBay. 

So dump out that toy box and label a box "garage sale" - Ranker Comics has the rejects, the unloved and the undesired toys of our youth in one handy-dandy, most unwanted, list ever!
  • Tiger - the one name in video games you can never trust. Of course adoring parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents wanted to get the little kids in their lives the toys they wanted, but somewhere between the Game Boy and that Street Fighter video game you asked for, someone bought you one of these.

    Tiny black figures jerked back and forth on a screen to (poorly) simulate movement over a stagnant background. Not only was there the disappointment of not getting the popular video game you wanted (licenses included Batman, Aladdin, Terminator, X-Men, and Star Trek) but you got this hunk of unplayable junk. The only real joy was mashing that ACL button and seeing all the figures at once. 
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    These creepy guys were valuable enough that you kept them, but cruddy enough that you regret ever keeping them. McDonald's, in an attempt to re-create the magic of the Beanie Baby craze in their Happy Meals, took on the next toy fad by way of Furbies.

    Not only did no one really want this creepy little bird/gopher hanging around their bedrooms, but we seriously didn't want the cheap, hard plastic version cluttering our shelves, either. However, this didn't stop McDonald's from rolling out this campaign a couple of times, ensuring we all got at least 12 of them to dump in the trash before leaving for college.
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    Giga Pet was the poor man's Tomagotchi. Seriously, The Tomagotchi was one of the most sought after and expensive toys of '90s childhood, whereas the Giga Pet clocked in at an average of around $10.

    Tiger (the brand name in crappy kid toys) created a watered down version of the virtual pet that came with fewer features than its rival and a distinctive pear shape, which meant that one mean girl could spot it on your backpack a mile away.

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    Everyone got one of these and it was probably just to shut you up at the moment. These ninja weapon sets were almost never found in legitimate toy stores but were instead unearthed at swap meets, flea markets and gift shops aplenty.

    The plastic was so cheap that after a few duels with the siblings, the blades would split at the seams. Most kits included a vision obscuring mask (totally something a Ninja would wear) a sword, baton, sai, and a throwing knife.

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