"Toys" Is The Forgotten Robin Williams Movie That Gave A Generation Delightful Nightmares

If you grew up in the '90s it’s likely that you vaguely remember Toys as an outlier of Rob Williams’ work at the time. The tone is nowhere near as silly as the rest of his films at the time, it’s super long, and at times the pacing can feel glacial. But Toys deserves another look. It’s truly one of the most bizarre '90s movies, with almost constant references to Magritte and the early films of Walt Disney. As far as creepy kids movies go you can’t go wrong watching Robin Williams and Joan Cusack debate the merits of a mayonnaise and vitamin sandwich with LL Cool J.

The last decade of the 20th century was packed with a lot of weird '90s kid movies, but none of them attempted to reach the heights that the Robin Williams movie Toys sought. Like the best '90s movies, Toys tries to elevate what film can actually do, and while it doesn’t hit the mark every time it should be applauded for trying to fill a pseudo-children’s movie with modern art sensibilities. If you don’t remember how weird the movie Toys was then this should jog your memory.