A Tractor Thief Is Sent Flying After A Vicious Taser Shot  

Jadyn Beyer

Stealing is one of the big no-nos in life, but if you're going to attempt it, you should at least try to be stealthy. 

When a cop stops Charles Nicholas McNeil on a tractor, it comes to light that McNeil has stolen the tractor and he attempts to flee. The cop does what he is trained to do and apprehends the suspect with the use of his trusty taser.

McNeil might have gotten away with it, too, but it turns out that driving the getaway vehicle in a manner that will not raise suspicion is key. The way McNeil drives makes it clear that he isn't used to operating tractors.

Watch as this tractor thief gets his just desserts. The force of a taser can really knock a man off his feet!