Just 20 Accurate Tweets About What It's Like Interacting With A Trader Joe's Cashier

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Between the delicious grocery items and the overly-friendly cashiers, Trader Joe's is considered one of the best places to shop. If you've ever visited, you know that checkout can usually be an interesting experience filled with fun conversation. Check out these tweets from people who have felt the same about their interactions with Trader Joe's cashiers, and vote up the most accurate ones!

  • 1. Be Ashamed, Be Very Ashamed


    64 votes
  • 2. We Hate Dissappointing Them


    31 votes
  • 3. An Unachievable Goal


    54 votes
  • 4. It's Legally Binding


    52 votes
  • 5. We Never Want To Leave


    20 votes
  • 6. Just Wait And See


    38 votes