The Most Tragic Celebrity Breakup Stories

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Hollywood is known for its tearjerkers, and nowhere is that more true than in our fave tabloid blogs and magazines. So grab the tissue box - it's time to take a look at our list of the most tragic celebrity breakup stories.

We love a good Hollywood romance, but regardless of how hard they try, it seems our fave celebs just cannot keep a great thing going. And when the love falls apart, sometimes it's brutal. Cue our list of the worst celebrity breakups.

Our list is filled with the classics: Jen and Brad, Selena and Justin, Demi and Ashton. And as these stories of celebrity breakups prove, you can have everything - money, fame, beauty - and still have zilch in the love department. From cheaters to beaters, religious fanatics to cocaine fanatics, fallen stars to pop divas, our list has all the worst breakups that only Hollywood can provide.

Does love really exist? This list of cad celebrity breakups probably won't make you feel very hopeful.

  • Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck
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    The world was sad to learn about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's 2015 split. What was to blame? It appears that Ben got a little too close to the couple's nanny. A source close to the couple told E! Online"She has not forgiven him for things that have happened, but she's committed to keeping her children happy."
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  • Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston
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    By now we know what came between Jen and Brad — and her name is Angelina. Brad and Angelina Jolie met while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The rest is celeb breakup history. 

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  • Kermit The Frog And Miss Piggy
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    As CNN reported, Kermit and Miss Piggy took to their respective Facebook pages to announce: "After careful thought, thoughtful consideration and considerable squabbling, Miss Piggy made the difficult decision to terminate our romantic relationship." The two have been a couple for 40 years, making this breakup one of the harder ones for fans. 
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  • Marge And Homer Simpson
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    In the 2015 season premier of The Simpsons, it was announced that Homer Simpson has been suffering from narcolepsy all these years. The diagnosis caused Homer and Marge’s marriage to eventually fall apart. To make a bad situation even worse, Homer turned to his pharmacist, voiced by Girls creator Lena Dunham. It seems the two have since rekindled their romance. 

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  • Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale
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    While the couple has maintained that the decision was mutual, according to TMZ, Gwen thought Gavin was cheating on her and also felt that he was spending too much time away from the family while touring. A source says Gavin, in turn, thought Gwen was being hypocritical because she was on the road too. 

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  • Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert
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    Country music's star couple divorced in July 2015, much to the dismay of fans. While it seems that things just fell apart for the couple, the rumor-mill was swirling with allegations that The Voice star had gotten close with his co-star Gwen Stefani, who was also going through a divorce from rocker Gavin Rossdale.
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