Graveyard Shift The Trailer For Truth Of Dare Is Surprisingly Scary  

Mick Jacobs

Truth or dare, already a nerve-racking and relatively un-fun game, gets especially unpleasant in a new film starring Lucy Hale of Pretty Little LiarsTruth or Dare, a Blumhouse production, explores what would happen if the stakes in this timeless game were raised to the point of life or death.

During a trip abroad, Hale's character makes a new friend who encoutrages she and her circle into a game of truth or dare. Little do they realize, this game involves some very strict and deeply sinister rules.

Upon returning home, Hale and her friends become caught up in an escalating game of terrible truths and devilish dares. If you fail to complete the designated truth or dare, you die, plain and simple.

Watch the trailer for Truth or Dare in all its twisted glory below.