21 Movie Trailers with Slowed Down Cover Songs  

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There's something both enchanting and unnerving about movie trailers with slowed down song covers. There's the brief moment where you're trying to put your finger on it. Then there's the familiarity, but with something... off. Then the song itself usually puts a haunting spin on a classic (typically upbeat and happy) song. A hit song playing out at half speed has become the go-to way to let an audience know that a movie ss grim, gritty, and super dramatic.

Whether it's a childhood classic (the Pinocchio song cover in Avengers: Age of Ultron) a rock song warped and song by a choir ("Black Hole Sun" in Walk Among the Tombstones) or even a recent catchy pop song ("Crazy" in Birdman) there's something strangely sad about slowed music covers. We think it really started with that version of "Mad World" that Gary Jules did for Donnie Darko. People realized it worked, and triggered a wave of both nostalgia and foreboding. Soon it was everywhere.

We wanted to take a look back at the trend and collect the trailers that utilize the technique, so here, without further ado, are more than 20 movie trailers that slow down familiar songs to convey the dark, edgy, grittiness of the films they're advertising.
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"Black Hole Sun" originally by Soundgarden

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"Happy Together" originally by The Turtles

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