Trans Cosplayer Ava Glasscott Thinks Bullying Needs To End, And She's Doing Something About It

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Trans model and cosplayer Ava Glasscott didn't find inspiration for her look from fashion magazines or the catwalk. Instead, the Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer has served as Glasscott's body idol ever since the glamour girl was seven.

Active in both Boston and New York, Glasscott reflects an assertive sensuality when she portrays women like Dita Von Teese and Maleficent. After suffering through relentless bullying during her childhood, Glasscott eventually found refuge in both the cosplay and club communities. Those affiliations led her to create her own sensational trans cosplay looks.

Glasscott's cosplay and modeling work helped her become the first trans model signed to Boston's Maggie Inc. She is now a well-known face at Comic-Con and on Instagram. With each look she takes on, Glasscott hopes to inspire other young victims of bullying. She's proof that even if you're seen as different, you can still rock the Harley Quinn look.

The artist's best cosplay interpretations tend to focus on femme fatales and anti-heroines. They gain a new life and essence when Glasscott raids their closets. In embracing her bad side, Ava Glasscott conveys an aura of dominance as well as a determination to do things her own way. 

Death never truly became Helen Sharp until Glasscott portrayed the character in cosplay.