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Businesses That Cover Transgender Healthcare Services

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Guys, it's about time major companies that are worth, I don't know, say... BILLIONS of dollars, finally start providing health care to their transgender employees, something beyond your basic, non-discriminatory protections. Well, this list contains companies doing just that-- providing transgender resources-- so if I were you, I'd save up all your pennies and spend them at these businesses since they seem to have the right idea. Human Rights Watch keeps tabs on the equality practices of all businesses and assigns them a score, called the Corporate Equality Index. All of the businesses listed here have a perfect, 100% CEI score. 

Transgender people were born with male or female sex organs that do not match their inner sense of gender. Up until recently, many companies denied health coverage to transgender folks, even if the medically-needed attention was not even regarding their sexy bits. Finally, that is changing! Transgender and genderfluid celebrities are calling attention to this group of people and their unique position. Many people would say that transgender rights are the next frontier of human rights, so educate yourself!

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