10 Real Transparent Animals That Let You Take a Peek at Their Insides

Ever wish you could turn invisible? These creatures almost can. There are plenty of see through animals in the world, from transparent undersea creatures with visible guts to these land-based critters with nearly invisible skin. Some are found in extreme places like deep caves and exotic rainforests, while others, like the amazing glasswinged butterfly, you might find in your own backyard. These transparent animal pictures give you a glimpse into this rare, beautiful facet of the natural world. It's pretty cool that you can see their inner organs as well.

From slugs and snails to frogs and butterflies, the sheer number of these sheer animals might surprise you. These nearly see through animals aren't as well known as animals that can change color, like the famous chameleon, and that's a shame – as the see through animal photos below reveal, it's a pretty magical trait. Scroll through the images, and prepare to be amazed.