Shocking Behavior

27 Trashy People Who Have Absolutely No Idea How To Behave On Airplanes

Flying on airplanes can be a very stressful situation, but these people make it even more stressful. From smelly bare feet to people leaving trash all over the floor, these pictures prove that human beings are at their worst when traveling on an airplane.

  • 1. Please Stop The Plane

    Please Stop The Plane
    Photo: u/Rune_FB
  • 2. Do You Smell Something?

    Do You Smell Something?
    Photo: u/Addian4
  • 3. "This Guy On The Plane Ate And Then Threw The Rest Of The Meal He Didn't Eat In The Hall"

  • 4. "Apparently The Plane Turned Into A Garbage Dump Mid-Flight"