11 of the Trashiest Things Ever Posted on Facebook

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If you're wondering why social media is bad for you, here are some trashy posts that could pop up in your feed. Everybody and their mother has a profile and is using it to update their friends and acquaintances about every single event in their life - which inevitably gives the rest of us plenty of entertaining Facebook posts, funny Facebook statuses, and super trashy posts to send around and laugh at. We all have that one Facebook friend whose profile is a constant trainwreck of too much information and bad life decisions. Some of these could be victims of funny Facebook status hacks. For example, you'll see men and women caught cheating by their own Facebook posts. Whatever the case, these posts could explain statistics of deaths caused by social media

Unlike these celebrity offensive tweets, this list features people you probably deal with in your everyday life. These are people we used to work with, people we went to school with, or even childhood friends. Whether it's inappropriate pics or a picture of a brand new tattoo, these posts help us put our own lives in perspective. Let's put it this way, you wouldn't want any of these to be your last Facebook post before death. There are some scandalous confessions by young people, though when you think of the funny inappropriate songs that kids listen to these days, perhaps it makes sense. Either way, the funny internet fails on this list are almost too much to handle. For the people on this list, misspelled posts are the least of their worries.

Some of these are funny, some have a hint of sadness to them, and all of them are almost too crazy to believe. They certainly give the people on our list of offensive bumper stickers a run for their money. Who needs Maury in the age of the internet? Sometimes the trashiest people are just a few friend requests away.

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  • 1. Only Slightly Used

    Only Slightly Used
    Photo: Imgur
    22,362 votes
  • 2. Everybody Needs A Plan

    Everybody Needs A Plan
    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
    18,946 votes
  • 3. Like A Thief In The Night

    Like A Thief In The Night
    Photo: u/avalanchethethird / Reddit
    18,894 votes
  • 4. Pay Your Tab

    Pay Your Tab
    Photo: u/ZohnTangel / Reddit
    16,524 votes
  • 5. Labeled For Convenience

    Labeled For Convenience
    Photo: u/Tyler1492 / Reddit
    13,204 votes
  • 6. Get Your Facts Straight

    Get Your Facts Straight
    Photo: me.me
    15,106 votes