mockery The Trashiest Formal Photos Ever Taken  

Ashley Reign
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Ever since its invention in the 1800s, photography has revolutionized humanity’s ability to record our own history. Now people can freely preserve our own images or freeze virtually any moment in time with the click of a button. This innovation however, has turned out to be a far more fortunate thing for some of us than others. Below we've gathered a collection of trashy formal photos that demonstrate this point in stunning clarity.
You see, despite the benefits of photographed portraits over old school oil paintings, which took weeks or even months to produce, photography also has its downside. Below you’ll find a group of folks who might have been saved from the horrors you’re about to witness, had they only had a little more time to think things through. 
So take a deep breath and get ready to grin as you take a look at some of the most unfortunate trashy formal photos ever caught on film, or chip, or card, or whatever photos are stored on now. Whatever.

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The Trashiest Formal Photos Ever Taken