Graveyard Shift People Describe Horrible Things They Witnessed That Traumatized Them  

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
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Have you ever witnessed a horrific accident that you couldn't just look away from, no matter how much you wanted to? The image of it no doubt haunted you for some time afterwards. There are some unforgettable moments that you just can't forget, but some can come with real psychological consequences. These gruesome scenes, described by Reddit users, are bloody, ghastly scenes that will stick with you even after simply reading them.

Someone Ejected Through The Windshield

When I was 17 I went on a coming of age road trip with three of my friends. We decided to get on this epic cross-country trek to Tennessee for Bonnaroo. We were all super amped so we had written on our back window "Honk if you're going to Bonnaroo!"

Lots of people were driving by us, honking and waving, but this one SUV in particular stuck out to me. It was full of pretty college aged kids, and they were hanging out their windows hitting our car as they blasted by on the freeway, screaming and giggling. The entire thing was light-hearted and awesome. I felt a bit like I was in some sort of movie montage.

They drove by us really fast, were weaving in and out of traffic ahead of us, and then they were gone. About fifteen minutes later we see this huge dust cloud up ahead - we are trying to figure out what caused it as it's a sunny gorgeous day and we were on a completely straight road with fields on either side. Then we see the same SUV from earlier laying upside down on the side of the road with its tires spinning.

We drove by so fast I barely registered what I saw (people were already stopping to help them so my friend decided to keep going), but it was as if time froze. The girl who had been driving had been ejected through the windshield and she was laying lifeless about 20 feet in front of the car. Someone else was half-hanging out one of the windows with their head twisted around.

All of their sleeping bags and shit were all over the place. I just started crying out of nowhere because I realized how quickly things can change. It was a pretty profound moment for a dumb 17-year-old.

Watched His Friend Shoot Himself

When I was in my early teens, my best friend's parents split up. I was over at his place and he got the news that he wouldn't be able to see his dad anymore. His mom had won full custody and denied his father visitation through a mix of lies that I won't go into. He went into his parents room, grabbed their gun, loaded it, put it up to his chin and pulled the trigger. I was six-feet away from him.

Witnessed Attempted Murder At the Ice Cream Parlor

When I was five, I was in an ice cream parlor with my parents, when my dad starting acting really weird. He got up and starting talking to this guy who just entered the place and then came to me and said I had to leave. I asked why, but he insisted and nudged me off my seat. As I was walking out, I heard a woman scream and then a lot of loud noises.

My mom and dad were still in the place and for whatever reason, I thought my mom was hurt. I couldn't stop crying. I remember trying to run in, but my mother's friend was holding me back. The police came and everyone was told that one of the men seating near us stabbed a lady up the block and then attempted to do the same thing at this place. The owner offered us free ice cream, but I felt too sick and shaken up to have any.

His Brains Hit My Face

When I was 11, I witnessed a drive-by shooting. Well, I turned the corner, heard a gun shot, and had brain matter all over my face. I stood there in shock and silent, staring at the exploded back of this guy's head, and remained there until a paramedic showed up and moved me.