Graveyard Shift

Travis Walton Claims He Was Abducted By Nightmarish Aliens

Even the most seasoned UFOlogist will tell you that it’s wise to be skeptical of alien abductions. But the Travis Walton alien abduction story is one that’s incredibly hard to disprove. In fact, no one has ever been able to truly debunk this case. Many people who have been abducted by aliens can only offer their version of events, but Travis Walton had six friends to corroborate his story of being picked up by a UFO one night in 1975.

Before Travis Walton was a world famous alien abductee, he was just a simple logger living in Arizona. But after his abduction, his story was turned into the film Fire in the Sky, and he began a lifelong mission to prove that he had survived being picked up by extra terrestrials. Walton’s story is truly interesting. He explains how to survive an alien abduction, and why he thinks he was abducted in the first place. Keep reading to see if you believe Walton’s tale or if you think it’s all a bunch of baloney based on The UFO Incident.