The Most Trending Songs On TikTok

Raise your hand if you still can't get enough of TikTok! Our hands our raised, because neither can we. The viral social media app that took the world by storm throughout the early stages of the ongoing pandemic continues to feature lots of pop, indie, hip-hop, alternative, and other great music across genres. From Yung Lean's "Ginseng Strip 2002" and Lana Del Rey's "Watercolor Eyes" to Gunna and Young Thug's "pushin P," we've featured all of TikTok's most trending songs throughout this year below.

Which TikTok tracks have you dancing on your feet and posting video reels to your social media? Which hit single will become the next "Blinding Lights" sensation and create an epic new dance move among Gen Z users? Vote up the most trending songs on TikTok currently, and if you're craving more of this year's hottest new pop music, check out our best pop songs of 2022 list here.

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  • Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)

    Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)

    Kate Bush
    19 votes
  • Say It Right
    Nelly Furtado
    23 votes
  • Dandelions (slowed + reverb)

    Dandelions (slowed + reverb)

    Ruth B., slater
    40 votes
  • Lost


    Frank Ocean
    21 votes
  • Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
    43 votes
  • Cool for the Summer

    Cool for the Summer

    Demi Lovato
    29 votes